About Cievert

Cievert was founded in 2011 by former NHS therapeutic radiographer, Chris Kennelly. As a clinician, Chris couldn’t help but see ways in which treatment could be better delivered, so he set out to transform healthcare using technology. Initially concentrating on oncology, Cievert has since enhanced a wide variety of clinical disciplines: addressing referral management, revolutionising patient follow-up, improving delivery of consultations…

Through the years, these solutions have collected incredibly rich data which can now provide valuable medical insights. This is helping the development of an AI-enabled chatbot that asks you – the patient – questions and uses your answers to determine how best to deliver your follow-up. Furthermore, applying machine learning to clinical pathways can continuously inform and thus improve treatment using real world data.

Using data, Cievert wants to help deliver more effective care for all.


  • is ISO9001:2015 accredited
  • is on the QE Procurement framework
  • is on the NHS Supply Chain framework
  • has access to N3 servers
  • is registered with the ICO

We have managed over 100,000 patients to date, and have customers all across the UK.

Spelling the end of 'one-size-fits-all'

+44 (0)191 303 80 89

Newcastle and London