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About Cievert

Cievert was founded in 2011 by former NHS therapeutic radiographer, Chris Kennelly. As a clinician, Chris couldn’t help but see ways in which treatment could be better delivered, so he set out to transform healthcare using technology. Initially concentrating on oncology, Cievert has since enhanced a wide variety of clinical disciplines: addressing referral management, revolutionising patient follow-up, improving delivery of consultations…

Through the years, these solutions have collected incredibly rich data which can now provide valuable medical insights. This is leading to the development of an AI-enabled platform that stratifies risk, detecting conditions earlier. By applying machine learning to clinical pathways, this platform can also continuously inform and thus improve treatment using real world data, optimising and personalising healthcare.

Using data, Cievert wants to help deliver more effective care for all.


  • is ISO9001 accredited
  • is ISO27001 accredited
  • is on the QE Procurement framework
  • is on the NHS Supply Chain framework
  • has access to N3 servers
  • is registered with the ICO

We have managed over 100,000 patients to date, and have customers all across the UK.

Spelling the end of 'one-size-fits-all'

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