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Making routine healthcare a thing of the past

Secondary to tertiary referrals

Our platform manages complex referrals from secondary to tertiary care, within and between Trusts.

Oncology pathway management

Our platform transforms the management of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and more.

Pathology reporting software

Our platform expedites reporting within and between Trusts. Reports are fully COSD compliant.

Automated follow-up

Our platform automatically assesses patients (OTR, PROMs) and reports exceptional events.

Virtual consultations

Our platform enables clinicians to hold remote consultations securely via video call.

Data insights

Our platforms collect rich, standardised data which can be anonymised for research.

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Managing about a quarter of radiotherapy patients

Patients managed from diagnosis to treatment


All of our clients stay with us

Our Solutions


A specialist secondary to tertiary referral management system that expedites treatment, improves safety and reduces admin. Casper can be applied to any clinical discipline at a Trust-wide level and has even been applied nationally.


Web-based software that allows clinicians to automatically ask patients systematic questions based on their diagnosis and course of treatment. Clinical teams are alerted about adverse events and can track progress, improving outcomes and costs.


A platform that allows clinicians to hold remote consultations securely via video call. This includes a diary system, video playback, secure patient notes… JimJam is a cost effective way of delivering more virtual consultations.

The prescription is clear – no more needing to decipher hand writing! So far we have received a number of referrals and been able to book patients for their planning appointments the very next day.

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