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Casper is an intelligent web-based system that uses logic to manage specialist secondary to tertiary referrals dynamically.

Casper can manage an entire Trust or region, and our software has even been managing an entire nation’s radiotherapy referrals since 2017. This results in faster referrals and reporting, less paperwork, more transparency, better governance…

Casper can be applied to any specialism. This includes, for example, oncology referrals and pathology reporting.


Increased governance

We can help you increase accountability and reduce errors.

Protocol-driven pathways

Casper stores your locally-defined protocols and suggests them based on the patient’s diagnosis. All associated information and documentation accompanies the protocol. Clinicians can choose to go off-piste and use non-protocol treatment, and Casper can ask them to justify the reasoning.

Complete and correct datasets

Casper stores everything in a standardised manner and is easily accessible to anybody with the correct permissions.

Prompts and mandatory fields

Casper intelligently uses the information you’ve already provided in order to determine what further information may be required for the treatment to progress. This dynamic approach speeds up referrals. Mandatory fields help ensure that all the required information is submitted, so that treatment is not slowed down by incomplete referrals.

Safe and secure connection

We use NHS-approved N3 servers to ensure that all data is stored securely, and we comply with the gold standard of information governance. Account permissions can be set locally so that only the right people get access to sensitive patient information. 

Easy access

IT teams breathe a sigh of relief when they see how easy it is to set up. Casper is web-based, so no additional software nor hardware is required – this is practically ‘plug and play’.

Patient demographics via the Spine

Casper can draw on demographics via the Spine, so there’s no need to import patient information manually.

Business case

We can help you make a business case for bringing Casper to your workplace.


Casper was initially developed in an NHS hospital and subsequently spun out. Since then, it has been through years of development in collaboration with its users, and we are continuously making improvements.



Casper can be launched on any browser your hospital’s secure network, provided you have the credentials.


N3 security

Casper is hosted on the super-secure servers that the NHS uses to store sensitive patient information.


ISO accredited company

Cievert is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2017 accredited.

“Overall, safer, easier to check, and will be good for extracting data that we can use

Dr Douglas Adamson

Consultant Clinical Oncologist at NHS Tayside

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