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JimJam is a Skype-style video call platform developed specifically for clinicians. It is used for the delivery of remote consultations in clinical settings including occupational health and rehabilitation therapy. JimJam has been whitelabelled by Cievert for use in the public and private sectors in any clinical areas.

The platform can be installed rapidly and with ease. JimJam stores no patient data and there is no app download required: the patient simply inputs their email address and then they are able to connect to a clinician immediately.


Fill clinical capacity

Last-minute appointments can be taken in lieu of cancellations.

Reduce DNA rates

By providing the option of an appointment conducted remotely, patients will choose to have their consultations in the comfort of their own home rather than not turning up.

Cut waiting times

Remote consultations allows clinicians to concentrate on what is clinically most effective, support more efficient consultations

Reduce costs

Reducing unnecessary face-to-face appointments and thus having fewer patients repeatedly coming through the door will lead to reduced costs in terms of clinician time, administrative time, and hospital infrastructure.

Improve patient experience

Patients receive more reassurance and experience less of the anxiety that is associated with hospital visits. Signposting will help ensure that patients get the support they need.

Increase self-management

Patients receive advice so that they can improve their health themselves. In many clinical cases, this results in better clinical outcomes and reduced costs.

Safe and secure connection

We use NHS-approved N3 servers to ensure that all data is stored securely, and we comply with the gold standard of information governance. Account permissions can be set locally so that only the right people get access to sensitive patient information.

Easy access

IT teams breathe a sigh of relief when they see how easy it is to set up. JimJam is web-based, so no additional software nor hardware is required – this is practically ‘plug and play’.

High interoperability

JimJam can draw on demographics via the Spine or other hospital systems.  However, JimJam can also be used with minimal identifiable data (a simple email address can suffice), meaning JimJam can be operational quickly with minimal technical and information governance time.


JimJam pricing is comparable to generic commercial videocall software, however, JimJam is designed specifically for use within a clinical outpatient setting. 

Business case

We can help you make a business case for bringing JimJam to your workplace.


Cievert has been developing software for the NHS for almost 10 years and our JimJam platform accommodates the following features:



JimJam can be launched on any modern browser using any device


No downloads or plugins required

One of the main benefits of JimJam is that it requires no downloads or plugins and the patient is only required to provide their email address to receive a consultation.


ISO accredited company

Cievert is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2017 accredited.

“The software ensures that we can offer […] early intervention to anyone, anywhere.

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