Cievert is delighted to announce that it is now an Evergreen Life company. Evergreen Life put the individual at the heart of healthcare so they can feel better informed and more in control of their health and we will now work together toward improving clinical pathways and patient outcomes.

“We believe that people should be empowered to get the wellbeing and health that they want and supported to get the care that they need. Cievert has a track record of using technology to help the NHS to improve access to care; managing referrals for cancer and other specialist treatments, managing thousands of vaccination bookings for sites across the UK and helping patients to be followed up remotely in the community with patient reported outcomes and assessments. By working together in this way, we can join up more parts of the health and care system around the person as part of our mission to deliver People Powered Health.”

“Refreshingly, Chris and the team at Cievert have always focussed on patients as people and we have a shared ethos around connecting health and wellbeing data so that it both benefits the individual, the NHS, and the wider community” said Mark Hindle, COO of Evergreen Life.

“We realised that Cievert and Evergreen Life shared a range of research interests, and we could deliver greater services to our customers, and ultimately patients, by being a single organisation” said Chris Kennelly, CEO of Cievert.  

“Our mission is to make routine healthcare a thing of the past, and by integrating with Evergreen technology we will be able to share clinical data between the patient, secondary care and primary care, meaning we can start to support interesting activity like supported self-care, improve clinical risk stratification, remote monitoring and population health”

Who are Evergreen Life

Established in 2014 by former clinical pharmacist Stephen Critchlow, Evergreen Life’s aim is to put people in control of their health information and empower them to share it with whomever they choose, in order to get the health and care they want. Evergreen Life provides a platform for its users to link and manage their Patient Facing Services, Wellness Check functionality to help people understand the different areas of their health, as well as a DNA service that provides key genetic insights related to various aspects of health and wellness.