Award of Innovate UK fund ‘Coeliac UK jointly funded grants’ | Cievert

Cievert have been awarded a grant by Innovate UK, a government innovation agency, and Coeliac UK, a charity, for a 24-month project set to transform the way in which coeliac disease patients receive follow-up care. The project, titled ‘Software innovation to help in the ongoing management of coeliac disease’, will begin in March 2019 in collaboration with Sheffield University, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and Coeliac UK.

There were numerous press releases regarding this success:

The project set out as follows: “Software will be developed to better manage coeliac disease. Working with leading researchers from Sheffield University, the goal is to find patients with coeliac disease that need more support, compared to those who are living well. The software, when developed, will let people receive the assurance of being clinically followed up without the inconvenience, time and cost of hospital appointments. Whilst those who need additional care will be identified quickly and easily so that they can access crucial support when they need it most. This could be technology that is applied to other conditions in the future resulting in substantial savings for the NHS.”