Cievert joins the NHS Supply Chain! | Cievert

Cievert is 1 of 50 companies to join the updated NHS Supply Chain! This comes as NHS trusts aim to meet the governments ‘paperless 2020’ goal – There is now growing interest from trusts to explore a wider variety of products in order to meet this goal.

We have the solution – In the majority of trusts, radiotherapy referrals are done using pen & paper – our radiotherapy referral system, Casper, replaces paper referrals, increases governance, reduces administrative costs and operates over the NHS-approved N3 servers.

Casper is the future of radiotherapy referrals – it meets the governments ‘paperless 2020’ goal and increases overall efficiency. We are ecstatic that Cievert has joined the NHS Supply Chain – as we continue build and develop a strong relationship with the NHS.

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